The Royal St Andrews Hotel offers a unforgettable experience of ‘Gracious Hospitality’


The Royal St Andrews Hotel appeals to a broad spectrum of travellers and is particularly suitable as a golf and family vacation destination, as it is both ideally placed to use as a base to play at Royal Port Alfred Golf club and from which to explore the Sunshine Coast‘s beaches and places of interest.

The hotel’s brand promise of ‘Gracious Hospitality’ in many ways sums up the feelings engendered by the whole region, all of which hark back to a much gentler and less commercial era.

The hotel’s Luxury Wing rooms are perfect for the individual, golfing enthusiast, holiday travellers and families, while the elegantly designed and tastefully decorated older style Heritage rooms offer a combination of luxurious comfort, privacy and Gracious Hospitality.

The hotel’s support facilities, to complement the accommodation options, are comprehensive.

Hotel residents and visitors can enjoy a leisurely and indulgent breakfast at the sun filled, delightful and spacious Paper Nautilus Restaurant.
The beautiful and world class onsite CSpa offers a 360 ̊wellness approach, with a wide range of luxurious short and longer duration revitalising spa treatments

The hotel’s signature and award winning restaurant – The Thistle – offers an experience of relaxed sophistication with a high-end a la carte menu, excellent cuisine and superlative service.

The premier meeting place in Port Alfred for family and friend to meet relax is the Highlander Pub. This watering hole is the epitome of conviviality and has become a favourite spot to have fun and enjoy a favourite ice cold pint, delicious and beautifully presented pub cuisine supported by amazing service and great value!

Whatever your vacation needs, the Royal St Andrews Hotel will be an ideal ‘home away from home’ and promises an unforgettable experience at the heart of which will be ‘Gracious Hospitality’.

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Editor of DG SAIO, John Cockayne.