The Death Hole at Vietnam’s Montgomerie Links


The Death Hole at Vietnam’s Montgomerie Links


At Montgomerie Links, there are four distinct tee locations on each Gold / Blue / White / Red hole. This changes the length from each tee to the hole and creates excitement for golfers to conquer new challenges every time they play. This series of hole descriptions focus on playing strategy from two levels: the average level of golfers starting from the Blue tee, and the professional level of golfers starting from the Monty or Gold tee.


Possessing a “golden” position, hole 13 is where golfers are able to immerse themselves in the poetic natural beauty with a view of the sea and the charm of majestic mountains. Additionally, with the surrounding casuarinas trees and the green fairways undulating under the sunshine, golfers easily feel the fresh air here. Definitely, when triumphing Birdie at hole 13, players will explode sublimated and full of emotion mainly because they overcome the challenging design of Colin Montgomerie that requires them to have a perfect strategy for each shot from the tee box to the green. 


Tee shot

At the tee box, golfers should plan perfectly to face seven bunkers and one water hazard standing on the right near the green. For the average players, according to experts, a long shot straight down the hill aimed at the middle of the fairway will open up many opportunities for them to finish hole 13 par 4 because the bunkers are waiting on both the left and right sides. With a distance of 255 yards from the blue tee box to the first bunker, this is considered a reasonable one for average players to conquer.


Second shot


On the fairway, Colin Montgomerie poses the biggest challenge for golfers when designing four bunkers closely together to increase the level of difficulty. Therefore, it requires them to consider carefully before hitting. On this second shot, the player has two choices: either be sure with a short shot to approach the center bunker which is 216 yards to the green, or hit a long shot to approach the sixth bunker which is 97 yards to the green. 


The Green

The green of hole 13 is seen as both easy and difficult. Although there are not many big obstacles around to prevent golfers from putting the ball into the hole, the terrain in this area is designed quite narrow and curvy. Hence, it requires players’ concentration and precision to play well.


Gold Tees (Monty Tees) 455 yards (PGA or A grade golfer) 

Hole 13 is about 455 yards from the Monty tee. Professional players require a precise long shot to avoid the first bunker 280 yards from the tee box.

From the back tee, golfers are challenged to navigate the curvy and narrow terrain to the green and the holes along the left side. Players can choose the irons for shots from the fairway or the woods to put the ball to the green.



This straightaway downhill tee shot gives you the chance to open this lengthy Par 4 but be careful not to miss your 2nd shot to the right as danger awaits. Upon arrival at the green, be sure to leave your ball pin high or a long put may be required.


Golfing on the Montgomerie Links course always brings golfers plenty of emotions for golfers because of the unique 18 holes that Collin Montgomerie painstakingly designed. Especially, hole 13 is seen as a “death hole” because of its difficulty compared to other holes, especially for long shots. Very few golfers can escape the bunkers that are placed one row from left to right, 280 yards from the blue tee. Therefore, with this hole, from the tee box, golfers should have an appropriate strategy, both shots and clubs to achieve the target. 


For most female amateurs, long shots are so risky. From the Red Tee, it is about 200 yards to the first bunker. So, if you’re a power player with a 230-yard driver and are confident to get through this bunker then go for it. Otherwise, 3 shots by wood are a safe choice. A shot in front of the water, to the right of the bunker, is the best, and after that, Monty’s caddies will give you a piece of advice on the best drop for the pitch shot. If you are a putter, a putt shot still brings you success.


Golfer Tran Van Hieu who is a TaylorMade Vietnam representative, and reigning champion of The Montgomerie Links Open Masters 2021 shared: “Hole 13 is a hole that golfers are easily fooled by since looking down from the Blue Tee, the fairway is wide open. two sides, but it’s actually only 280 yards to the horizontal row of bunkers. Therefore, for golfers with a 300-yard driver, a light hit or three shots by woods are also a good strategy. On the green, depending on the location of the flag, you can choose a reasonable drop. Striking a little short with the red flag, hitting the left edge of the green for the white flag, and sniffing left for the blue flag, because the ball will always fall from the left to the right. Don’t be greedy and be fooled by the green at hole 13.”



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